10 Tips for Winter Fashion and Beauty

10 Tips for Winter Fashion and Beauty | LoveSpunk

December is already here and with winter creeping in, here are my top 10 tips for fashion and beauty during the colder season. A “winter essentials” post will be up soon, perhaps tomorrow or sometime this week to show you what my “must-haves” are for winter, but for now, let’s get on with the tips!

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1. Stay moisturized. Your skin can get pretty dry during colder weather so drink lots of water and use creams/lotions to avoid flaky skin. Also bring a chapstick with you during the day to avoid flaky lips.

2. Avoid long, hot showers. It may feel relaxing but the water actually strips out the natural oils you have on your skin. Switch to a moisturizing wash and take “normal length” showers with water no hotter than around 110 degrees (I’ve done my research, but if I’m wrong, please correct me. Additionally, I am not responsible for any incidents regarding this information).

3. Use leave-in conditioners/hair treatments to prevent split-ends. I especially like this one. Your hair can get dried out too, so be sure to take care of it and not wash it everyday which strips the natural oils. Washing it every 3-4 days will make your hair stronger and healthier rather than daily.

4. With the dry air, it’s better to exfoliate your skin less during the winter, especially if you have sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, excessive exfoliating could cause more sensitivity, likeliness to UV damage, and unattractive, patchy, splotchy, and red areas so take it easy with the exfoliators.

5. Use ionic and ceramic hair tools when working with curling irons/straighteners because they heat the hair more quickly and evenly. That way, your hair isn’t exposed to any unnecessary or extra heat.


1. Wear a pair of leggings underneath your jeans to keep your legs extra warm. This is especially great for thin jeans.

2. Get a pair of thick and warm above-the-knee socks to wear with your dresses. They’ll keep you warm while still looking chic. And did you know they can also double as leg warmers? Just scrunch the legs down to below-the-knee.

3. Add pops of color to an otherwise neutral colored outfit with bright hats, bags, scarfs, or jewelry.

4. Because of all the layers, your body can get lost through the bulkyness so emphasize your waist with a belt or by choosing a belted trench coat. It’ll make you slimmer and not feel like a snowman. ;)

5. Layer your summer pieces during fall and winter to create texture and re-wear them. Something such as a maxi skirt could be paired with some boots, a cropped sweater, and a hat to make a classy and effortless look. Or wear your tank tops underneath lightweight cardigans with an oversized jacket layered on top. Flannels and darker florals are also great to wear underneath coats during colder seasons.

Hope you enjoyed!




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