Brewers Craft Interview and Maturity Problem

*Edit as of January 2015. LOL How my writing style has changed. I’m a lot more sarcastic and less naive now. I laughed really hard when I read what I wrote below, so just skim over it for your personal entertainment and don’t be afraid to laugh at me too. ;)


YAY! My first interview. Haha. It’s nothing big but hey, it’s an interview alright! April and Jenna from the Brewers company were kind enough to talk to me over the phone and write about me on their blog. I’d have to thank them both along with Eddie from Eddie’s Quilting Bee for making this happen. You can check out the post here.

However, I do wish they had put the pictures of any other dress that I made. The current one on the blog looks hideous. And I just noticed that the bodice looks like Micky Mouse ears. LOL

By the way, those photos look NOTHING like me. Fun fact: when I was still overseas taking design courses in Feb, I’ve been mistaken for being 16 and a college student. Do I really look that old?! Maybe cause I changed a bit since December. Or a lot I should say. I even got fined by the high-speed-rail inspector because she thought I was a college student trying to pass for a kid on a kid’s ticket. I tried explaining to her that I was only 12 but she didn’t believe me. I nearly was in tears at that point and was so mad but I don’t blame her. What kind of twelve year old is independent enough that buys her own rail tickets (expensive!) and takes the rail from Taipei all the way down to southern Taiwan? Alone? By herself? And I told her that was from America and didn’t have much money with me. I was even writing English in my notebook! Ugh. I guess the fact that I speak fluent Chinese doesn’t help. Partially cause the way I dress is considered “college-student-y” over there too. Kids my age are suppose to be wearing much simpler clothes. Sigh. Maturity can be so complicated at times.


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