Canadian Tux


Ever since THIS incident, denim on denim has pretty much been avoided in fashion.  With the 90s/70s coming back in, I thought it would be fun to style the trend properly. Here are some tips to perfecting the Canadian Tuxedo:

    • Choose two different washes of denim. They shouldn’t be too contrasting or else you’ll lose the denim on denim look, but two shades will help breakup the whole ensemble, making it a little easier to wear.
    • Add a pop of color. The red bandana tied around my neck acts a point of interest aside from the denim. Not necessarily distracting, more so giving your something to look at other than blue material which can be “too much” on its own.
    • A third piece is a must. Again with the bandana, breaking the entire outfit up and adding something for more style. A larger piece such as a carmel jacket or flannel tied around the waist would also work well.

Still, this is a pretty bold outfit and isn’t something I’d reach for everyday wear, but if swapped out for darker boyfriend jeans I think it’s pretty wearable. Maybe replace the shoes for nude flats as well; looking back the converse are too preppy for my taste and light denim isn’t my fav. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this post! :)Untitled Untitled


What I’m Wearing:

Button-up- Urban Outfitters (similar)
Jeans- Bullhead Denim Co. (similar)
Shoes- Converse
Bandana- Urban Outfitters HERE
Purse- Call It Spring HERE
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (similar) 



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