Carmel by the Sea

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledAs promised, here are the photos I took in Carmel, formally “Carmel by the Sea,” a couple weeks ago. This is probably my favorite shoot ever yet, and the long drive was worth a single photo, let alone so many!

The water was so pretty and clear, weather slightly warm and really nice. The city itself is so cute with all the little shops and beaches. We usually visit its neighbor “Pebble Beach,” otherwise known as the 17 Mile Drive but who knew a gem was right next door! Honestly, I can not say enough about how beautiful the scenery was.

If you are ever in the Monterey area, I highly recommend visiting Carmel. My number one tip would be to check the weather. I hear that on certain days it gets really foggy and cloudy, so I wish you clear skies and clear seas! Also bring your own food. There’s not many places to eat so your best bet would be to bring lunch and snacks and eat on the side of the road.

Now let’s talk about what I’m wearing. I’m always saying that I’m a ripped jeans and leather jacket girl, but this maxi dress was everything I could ever hope for in a dress. It’s so comfy and makes you feel like a modern goddess! Also as you can see in some photos, I actually went in the water with it on and though I was soaked by the time we were leaving, it dried within minutes. I’ve been eyeing this maxi all summer and when it finally went on sale, I couldn’t resist. Paired with some fun mirrored sunnies, it’s been my go to outfit ever since.

Will you be visiting Carmel anytime soon?




  • Grandma Paula

    Hey Angela!
    I like all your fashion ideas and I think that it is really amazing how young people still know what high fashion is like!