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2016 recap


hey guys, so much has happened this year, it all seems like a whirlwind! I’m doing a quick recap today to thank you for all your support this year, whether you attended an event, bought a copy of my book, read my blog, or simply encouraged me to keep on going. it has been absolutely amazing and I’m entirely grateful for all the opportunities I received and wonderful people I’ve met. speaking of blog, we also hit 11,000 page views per month this month, which is so crazy to me! never in my 2.5+ years of blogging did I ever think we would grow to that number. hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season and have spent time with family. I’m wishing you the best to come.️

without much more talking, here are all the events and press that have happened this year! everything I’m shown wearing is made by me. :)

angela x

February– S.E.T TV interview aired video here

March– book release/ officially published!


April– 4H youth fashion show (I was a judge and am sitting on the far right)

– book launch party at Eddie’s Quilting Bee

May– interview spread in the San Jose Mercury News community divisions article here



May– book talk at Campbell Library

May– book signing at Barnes & Noble Almaden

May– Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City (2 book signings) blog post here

June– book talk for the American Sewing Guild, San Jose chapter

June– “my fashion journey” talk in Ventura at my school’s coffeehouse event blog post here

June– book talk at LA Public Library

June– book signing at Barnes & Noble Almaden

July– book signing at Indigo Yonge-Eglinton in Toronto, Canada

August– KTSF Channel 26 interview aired video here

September– book talk and presentation at Saratoga Library

September– book stand and introductory talk at Canada College’s Artistry in Fashion event

November– book talk and presentation at Wilcox High School

(ps- I just now realized how many times I wore my red dress. what can I say, it’s my favorite and most comfy dress I own and I never posted it on social until the Saratoga event)

Prom 2016

So happy to have attended prom this year! I’m only in 8th grade, but the online school I’m with allows 8th graders to attend so that’s what I did.

Let’s talk about my dress first: yes I did make it. Made it the night before we left for Ventura/LA, CA (where prom was held). In 4 hours. I don’t ever, ever suggest trying to make a prom dress in 4 hours. I was pretty tired by time I finished (it was like 1 am) so I didn’t bother trying it on before stuffing it into my suitcase. Wrong move. When I put it on before prom, one of the back straps was way too loose. Luckily, I knew myself well enough to bring matching thread and needle just in case. I fixed it last minute right before taking these pictures. If you’re wondering, the dress itself is just made from dance-wear knit, has a self-lined bodice, 6-gore skirt, and one pocket (didn’t have time to sew another one, haha). The pattern is self-drafted.



Two pictures that I would have loved if they didn’t turn out blurry. Prom started at 8:00pm and we started shooting around 7:50, so not much time to get the camera to focus. And how pale am I?! I planned to get a tan and obviously that didn’t happen, as I was inside almost all of the time and the city is basically drowning in fog, no sun at all.


Shoes. I wore these 5″ nude heels from Chinese Laundry. Absolutely love them and my feet didn’t hurt as much as I thought they would after 3 hours of standing/dancing, but I don’t think I’m going to do that again.


More about the prom itself, it’s a 2 day event held in Ventura, southern California, about an hour away from LA. There’s a coffeehouse/open mic night during the first night, prom itself is held the following night, and the seniors have a graduation the afternoon of prom. I did speak at the coffeehouse event, which was super nerve racking (it was the most people I’ve ever spoken in front of, around 200), about my book and I think I did okay. We drove down there from the San Fransisco/San Jose area in the early morning and I stayed up the previous night making my dress, so I was tired by the end of that night and just glad to get a good night sleep to say the least.

The day of prom, I spend the morning and most of the afternoon helping out with decorations and setting up. The theme was “A Night at the Oscars,” which explain the red carpet and everything. It’s not easy as it sounds, with a blank room to turn into an oscar-themed party room, but so fun and satisfying! The girls and I built the following 10 feet arch from scratch, using poles and screws. It turned from a 4 person job to a 8 person job at one point because it was way harder than expected (the screws didn’t fit into the designated holes, like what?). The end result was beautiful though, with streamer-wrapped poles, life-sized cutouts of famous Hollywood stars, this gigantic movie scene clapperboard, amazing photobooth, string lights, metallic star streamers hanging from the ceiling, 3D light-up wire movie clapper, Hollywood themed glitter in star, film-reel, and movie maker shapes, and much more. I wish I had more pictures of the room to share!


The night itself was a little awkward at first since no one really knew each other. For the first 2 minutes while people were still entering, those who were already in including me just stood there in a circle not saying anything at all, just the occasionally awkward laugh. That’s online school, but in the end everyone had a great time (at least I did) just talking, dancing, taking pictures, and having fun. Here are some more photos:


How cute are these mini gold Oscar chocolates?

The prom/decorating committee with my friends Alex and Lara and I!


Lara and I! She’s like Cinderella (so pretty)!


prom was amazing ??#lssconnect

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Well, I hope you found this post somewhat entertaining. I had an amazing weekend and met so many amazing people!

PS: If I’ve put a picture of you in this post and you would like it to be removed, just let me know! So sorry, I’ll do that ASAP!

Recent Things #2

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Hey ya’ll!

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. :)

I’ve been pretty busy this past week so I thought I’d just have a little chat with you. My past few posts were pretty intense, with a bunch of DIYs and fashion tips and I’ve missed my old chatty posts. October’s finally here and I felt like September just flew by. Though we’re halfway into fall, it’s still pretty hot here in California. I’m not complaining at all, I love the warmer weather.

Halloween’s coming up in the next couple of weeks but to be honest I’m really not a fan. Horror movies and costumes? Nope, I will straight up cry if I even catch a glimpse of a scary movie trailer. I really can’t wait for this “holiday” to blow over.

I used to love dressing up in my hand-made costumes. I made a witch costume in 4th grade which was one of my first sewing projects and turned out to be a hot mess and a devil two-piece set in 5th (everyone thought I was a red cow LOL). In 6th grade I had a Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland) 5 piece which was probably my most dramatic costume to date, with a shinny, bright blue 2 ft tall hat I made that weighed like 5 pounds. Yes, I carried that thing around with me all day at school since it turned out slightly too small for my head. I was so disappointed, but charged on with my head up. :D

Last year I did a DIY makeup-based Batman costume here on this blog even though I knew and still don’t know a single thing about Batman. Not linking to that since it’s on private and is #embarrassing. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything this year for Halloween in real-life or online, but I’ll post pictures of all my homemade costumes from past years just from the fun of it.

Back to today, I’m currently working on a lot of school-based stuff which isn’t really that fun. The exciting news is, my up-coming sewing book is much farther along! As you can see, I’ve added a link on my menu bar to Amazon where you can preorder the book NOW! The title is “#OOTD Sew and Style,” a complete guide on teaching teens how to sew and make garments from scratch, with full sized patterns included! I don’t have much to share other than that for now, but watch out for a full blog post + pictures about the book and the creative process behind it coming in the next couple of weeks! I’ve also got more DIY clothing tutorials planned, since those seem to be you guys’ favorite type of posts.


Enough blabbing for today. What have you been up to lately? :)