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This is where I show all of my fashion design/sewing work. Most designs are made into actual garments and then worn in outfit posts, like the ones shown here. The clothing items labeled “self-made” are the ones I designed, drafted, and sewed from scratch. This page is always a work-in-progress, updated as soon as I whip out something new. :) Hope you enjoy! XX, Angela

Completed: Coral Ikat Bustier Dress


First of all, I give up on my blogging schedule. We’re not getting along very well and so I’ll forget it. Which means to you my reader, you’ll get surprise posts. Like maybe 3 days in a row and then none for a week. Sorry. But still, I’ll try to blog consistently. And often. Moving on to the main post of the day……..



You ever see a dress and you think “I NEED that!”? Yeah, I saw about a thousand of them, all the same style but all not in the exact print that matched me or my style. While I could have bought it to save time and money, I really really love the one I made. And besides, if I bought it, I can’t prance around saying “I made this!”, amrite? ;)

Oh yeah if you’re wondering, this isn’t sponsored by H&M and I’m not modeling for them (I WISH). It just happens that the store is part of the back ground…..




The concept of the dress is pretty simple, just a sweetheart neckline with an attached skirt and a strip of fabric for the waistband. There are an endless amount of these dresses out there but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have found one that actually fit me cause I’m just so small busted. And so I made one. I also self drafted the pattern, which was a pain in the bum. I had to draft a basic bodice block just for it, and all the pattern instructions out there didn’t work for me cause well, I’m still going though adolescence so my measurements aren’t the standard “adult” size, ya know. And I do have a chest, unlike 6 year olds who are flat chested so I couldn’t exactly go with pattern drafting instructions for kids either. Last resort? I “winged” it. Could have been better but not too shabby I suppose.





I made three muslins in order to get the correct fit. And then 3 finals. Why? Cause there’s an outer fabric, an interlining, and then a lining. So you could say I made 6 versions of the bodice. What I really do like about my version is that the back has super cute bows. It’s not something most dresses have. I originally planned to have a halter band/facing thing on the bodice but what a disaster as it just made me look really square at the shoulders and I couldn’t get the edges sharp or crisp enough to my liking. I ended up using self-made bias tape to finish off the edges which turned out quite nice although unexpected. The straps aren’t actually stitched, they’re just single fold bias tape with ribbon fused on the back with Seam-a-seam. This makes the straps a lot softer and bulkier. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about my stitching being wonky.




If you’re wondering why the bodice looks so contoured at the center front, it’s because there’s a center front seam. Surprise! The seam’s actually curved, because I pinched out a dart and did pattern rotation so there isn’t an actual dart, but the fullness is pinched out. I tried matching the print to the best of my ability and it paid off. There are also removable bra cups in there, since I can’t wear a bra with this thing (there’s the bow back).




I didn’t attach the lining  to the skirt and waistband the correct way cause I was pretty annoyed already by the time I had to do the zipper. Hence the serged seams and almost invisible zip on the side. As I said before, each part of the dress has 3 layers of fabric. The outer fabric is a really pretty orange lawn from Mood which was kinda sheer. The color is actually orange, but I like to call it coral since it just sounds a lot better. Typical me. :) The interlining was just a cheap white lawn and the lining just a cheap polyester lining fabric, all from Jo-ann.








I made a half circle skirt and didn’t go with a full circle skirt cause I though it would be too bulky with 3 layers. The skirt kinda stretched out when I was going to attach it to the waistband, which made me do a center pleat on the skirt which I actually quite like.


IMG_2615 preview


These pictures were taken on Wednesday at Santana Row, which surprisingly it a really great place to take photos. There are so many settings and different moods so I kinda got a mini photo shoot. I was suppose to take photos of 4 outfits but I was so tense and unnatural in the first half hour which wasted a ton of time. Therefore, we only took 2 outfits which is fine with me cause I can always go back and take more. And did I mention I got pomegranate fro-yo? My mom’s friend said that I was the most natural when I was eating. LOL!




I should probably stop ranbaling now. I’ll post the photos of the other dress next week.

Love ya guys,




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Brewers Craft Interview and Maturity Problem

*Edit as of January 2015. LOL How my writing style has changed. I’m a lot more sarcastic and less naive now. I laughed really hard when I read what I wrote below, so just skim over it for your personal entertainment and don’t be afraid to laugh at me too. ;)


YAY! My first interview. Haha. It’s nothing big but hey, it’s an interview alright! April and Jenna from the Brewers company were kind enough to talk to me over the phone and write about me on their blog. I’d have to thank them both along with Eddie from Eddie’s Quilting Bee for making this happen. You can check out the post here.

However, I do wish they had put the pictures of any other dress that I made. The current one on the blog looks hideous. And I just noticed that the bodice looks like Micky Mouse ears. LOL

By the way, those photos look NOTHING like me. Fun fact: when I was still overseas taking design courses in Feb, I’ve been mistaken for being 16 and a college student. Do I really look that old?! Maybe cause I changed a bit since December. Or a lot I should say. I even got fined by the high-speed-rail inspector because she thought I was a college student trying to pass for a kid on a kid’s ticket. I tried explaining to her that I was only 12 but she didn’t believe me. I nearly was in tears at that point and was so mad but I don’t blame her. What kind of twelve year old is independent enough that buys her own rail tickets (expensive!) and takes the rail from Taipei all the way down to southern Taiwan? Alone? By herself? And I told her that was from America and didn’t have much money with me. I was even writing English in my notebook! Ugh. I guess the fact that I speak fluent Chinese doesn’t help. Partially cause the way I dress is considered “college-student-y” over there too. Kids my age are suppose to be wearing much simpler clothes. Sigh. Maturity can be so complicated at times.