DIY Golden Leaf Crown

DIY Golden Leaf Crown- LoveSpunk. Super cute to wear and make during summer!

Flower crowns were so popular this past spring and during festival season. This cute little golden DIY leaf crown is a twist on that trend. I personally prefer this crown over flower crowns since they’re a little too feminine for my taste (I’m a ripped jeans and leather jacket girl). It’s so easy to make during a lazy afternoon and perfect to wear during the rest of summer. You’ll find yourself walking around feeling totally pretty and bohemian. Let’s get started! :)


– 1 yard of gold leather trimming (I found mine at Joann’s)
– 3/4 yard of 1/2″ wide ribbon for the ties
– needle and thread or sewing machine
– scissors
– leaf shaped template in small and large, making sure the larger one fits on the gold trimming (I drew/cut mine out from cardstock)
– a pen
– (optional) hot glue and a hot glue gun



1. Cut out a bunch of leaves using the templates you created. I cut out an equal amount of large leaves and small leaves.


2. Draw lines resembling the curves of the leaves on the back of the leather trimming. The back is the side with a line running down the center. You can use this line as a guide for the center stem.


3. Sew on the lines using needle and thread or using a sewing machine. The picture above shows it hand stitched, but I ended up using my sewing machine.


4. This part is totally optional but I cut jagged edges all along the curves of the leaves to give them some texture and mimic the shape of actual leaves. Then I scruffed them with my fingers to really create texture. That way when worn, the edges kind of blend into your hair seamlessly so it doesn’t look like leaves plastered on your head. If you plan to do this, I suggest doing this before step 3 so you don’t accidentally cut the stitching.


5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all leaves are stitched and cut (if desired).


6. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around your head plus a few inches extra for the ties. Start sewing the leaves onto the center of the ribbon, overlapping them. You could also use hot glue to make this process faster. Finish sewing/gluing all of them on and you’re done!

DIY Golden Leaf Crown- LoveSpunk

If you try this, please send me pictures via Twitter, Instagram, or even blog post by leaving a link below! I would love to see your creations!



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