DIY Off-the-Shoulder Top

DIY Knit Off the Shoulder TopDIY Knit Off the Shoulder TopDIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top

I know I just posted a DIY off the shoulder top a couple weeks ago but I just can’t get enough of this style of top and how good they look on any body type. Not to mention, how easy they are to make too! This one is a little different than my last tutorial; it’s made in a stretchy/knit fabric and doesn’t have a a contrasting trim. That means you can make this version in a bunch of different colors or prints and they’ll all look amazing and different. Ready to get started?


– 1/2-1 yard of knit (stretchy fabric)
– 1 yard of 1/4″ wide elastic (optional)
– needle and thread
– pins
– scissors
– measuring tape or ruler
– a pen
– a pattern (mine is available to download for free HERE!)

DIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top

Let’s start off with the pattern. If you’re a size XS or S you can use the one I created (see above for link) and just print it out at 0% scaling or “full size.” Cut both pieces out. For the bodice piece, I couldn’t fit the entire pattern at full length onto printer paper so cut a piece of paper 5″ wide and tape it to the bottom edge. After that, you’re set! DIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top
DIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top
  If you want to create your own pattern or a different size than me, using the below diagram to trace off a pattern using a shirt you already own. Make sure the shirt is stretchy and fitted. Then fold it in half and lay a large piece of paper underneath. Use the shirt as a guide to draw the shapes for the bodice and sleeve patterns. Also draw the double ended arrow line where noted. DIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top

You should end up with two pattern pieces like this:


Cut out two pieces from the bodice pattern and two from the sleeve. Make sure they’re cut on fold, meaning you fold the fabric in half so there are two layers and align the double ended arrow line with the fold so when you cut it out, it’s one symmetrical piece. IMG_2549

Place a sleeve piece on top of the bodice like so, matching up the the diagonal edges. Pin and sew. IMG_2612

Repeat with the other sleeve onto the same bodice piece so both sleeves are attached to one bodice piece.


Then sew the sleeves to the other bodice, again matching up the diagonal edges. IMG_2640

Fold the top in half along the sleeves so that the two bodices are on top of each other. It’s starting to look like a top! Sew the underarm/ side seam starting from the sleeves and working your way down the curve.


At this point, try on your top to see if it fits. If if does, you’re done! Knits don’t fray so no need to hem the edges unless you want to. If your top is loose at the neckline, you want it to be fitted so it won’t slip off shoulders. To make it tighter, cut a piece of elastic that fits snuggly around your shoulders and sew it into the neckline using THIS tutorial (see “HOW TO SEW EXPOSED ELASTIC TO AN OPENING”). IMG_2649

UntitledDIY Knit Off the Shoulder TopUntitled

And that’s it! Wasn’t it easy? If you try this, please send me pictures via Twitter, Instagram, or even blog post by leaving a link below. I would love to see your creations!