Embroidered + Cutwork Skull


Last week my family and I took a trip down to the beautiful city of Carmel to shoot. The weather was perfect and you could see the seas afar with no clouds or fog whatsoever. This post is just a sneak peak of all the photos we took there; there will be a full post next Saturday!

Today’s main focus is this embroidered skull tee I made. Believe it or not, this was 13 hours of stitching and I couldn’t be happier. There are little roses and vines surrounding the skull, making it slightly more feminine and less plain. “Webs” are in place of the eyes, nose, and mouth and the fabric is just cut out. With a bralette, I think it’s super cool and unique, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A $3 t-shirt turned couture. :) What do you think?