Fall Bucket List (aka a list of things I’ll never get done)


So that is what California looks like right now. Yeah, super colorful. Here is a picture of what it SHOULD SOMEWHAT look like:


Fall just isn’t coming (I mean, it’s November already) and yet it’s really really cold in the morning but really hot in the afternoon and then super cold again. It’s like the weather is having a seizure between summer and winter. Nevertheless, I still want to do all those “tumblr-y” things that Tumblr is all about during the fall, though the weather is just not cooperating so I’ve listed a bunch of things I hope to have done before winter. There’s plenty of sarcasm involved; therefore, don’t take this post too seriously. It’s just for fun. ;) Hope you enjoy!

1. Attend a campfire and eat roasted marshmallows.
2. Buy a sweater or 10 (one down, nine to go lol).
3. Make pumpkin pie (or just buy it because I burn everything I bake).
4. Try wearing a dark lip.
5. Form a collection of different cute boots for winter (one down, plenty to go).
6. Have a shopping spree (but by looking at the pile of cut-off price tags I just cut off of just-bought clothes, I think I’m already done. But a girl can never have enough clothes, right?).
7. Drink homemade apple cider (not going to happen I’m telling ya).
9. Go vintage shopping.
10. Decorate my room.
11. Go on a road trip to nowhere.
12. Wear a super cute layered outfit everyday and not just the same thing for 5 days in a row (this is legit true and should be moved to the top of the list).
13. Keep a journal, or just spill everything in my life onto this blog.
14. Watch movies and cuddle (with a blanket).
15. Try a bunch of Starbucks drinks (the pumpkin spice latte is screaming my name).
16. Go to a concert and pretend to have the time of my life even though I hate loud places.
17. Finish making the pack of instant caramel apples I opened but never finished because they got too messy.
18. Plan an actual fall themed photoshoot, not just taking pictures from my phone.
19. Buy candles and try lighting them.
20. Drink loads of hot chocolate while reading books.

What’s on YOUR bucket list for fall?