Here are some of my most frequently asked questions:


Q- You look so different online and offline!
A- Haha, I’m aware of that. It happens to be that I look really different between pictures online too, but I think it’s all about the distortion the lense of the camera causes. Most people say I look much older in real life and a little less pale.

Q- Are you really 14? (previously “are you really 12?” and “are you really 13?”)
A- No, I’m secretly 16 (lolz jk).

Q- What do you take your photos with?
A- With Instagram, it’s the standard Iphone 5 camera. As for the photos here on the blog, I’ve had my mom’s friends take them with their camera before and other times I use a regular camera. It really varies depending on the post, but as a general guide, photos in posts starting June 2015 to now are taken with a Canon T5i and posts prior were with a point and shoot.


Q- How long have you been blogging?
A- Nearly 2 years now!

Q- What blogging platform do you use?/ Who created your layout/design? I love it!
A- WordPress.org, the self-hosted version! And thank you, I actually did it myself. :) I found a basic theme for the layout as a starting point and then customized everything to fit my style, including the colors/fonts, menu bars, widgets, custom graphics, and page widths. Tweaking little things to get them “just right” takes much longer than it seems, and while I have learned the basics along the way, coding is hard and isn’t something I’d like to do from scratch!

Q- Do your parents help you on this blog at all?
A- Nope, I was the one who found hosting/domain, compared the available blogging platforms, found the theme, installed the plugins and themes, configured all the settings, and taught myself how to use WordPress. Oh and I designed the logo, reated galleries/pages/ forms, managed the widgets, copyrighted things, created the graphics, edit my own photos, and did everything else. So no, in all honestly, my parents have no clue on what WordPress or my domain name even is (at this point of writing ha!)  Everything here is 100% done by me. They are just my “bank” and I thank them very much just for that :)

Q- Can I use pictures from your blog?
A- Check out the copyright on the side bar; sure, you can use my pictures as long as there is a link back to my blog to find the full post, one or two for sharing purposes.  But please don’t ever copy and paste any of my text. I work hard on writing and I’m sure your readers/followers would appreciate if they heard your voice and not just mine!

Q- Can I sell stuff made from your tutorials?
A- Sorry, personal use only :( It takes me time to write the post and come up with the ideas! But gift anything you want! Your parents, your friends, the neighbors, the mailman, the dog.

Q- Can you post more DIYs?/ Can you post more often?
A- Yes, I am trying very hard to post regularly, juggling all the tasks I have to do (see below). I also have to test the DIY first, before doing a final version, edit the photos, write the post, and create graphics. Nevertheless, I’m thinking about doing DIYs every Friday starting now and regular outfit and teenager posts. What do you think?

Q- Why is your brand/blog called “LoveSpunk”?
A- I honestly have no straight answer for this. I’m not even sure if it has a meaning. But if you asked what “LoveSpunk” meant and NEEDED to know, I would just say that our lives are full of love and spunkiness and to love the spunk we have in ourselves. Quite simple but does it make sense?


Q- How long have you been sewing?
A- Short and simple- 4.5 years

Q- Does you mom sew?
A- I wish! Honestly, she says she doesn’t even know how to turn on my sewing machine!  And yet she agrees to buy an embroidery machine AND a serger just for me. Thanks Mom! :) And if you’re still wondering what she’s good at (you probably assumed it was sewing), she’s a math whiz I’m telling you.

Q- Is this all the work you have?
A- Honestly, yes and no. I’m trying to build my portfolio with more current and better quality work so there’s not much yet. If you’d like to see past projects (and failures!), there would be hundreds and possibly thousands. However, I wouldn’t be able speak for them since I know it’s not my best and I’m still improving. For business inquiries, I could pull a few strings but not for everyone. Stay tuned though, I’m working on more projects and can’t wait to share!

Q- Do you do custom orders?
A- No, not at this time of writing. I am still in school, working on my portfolio, writing a book, and keeping this blog running. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do custom requests though! For more details, contact me!…

Q- What machine do you sew on?
A- I sew and embroider on the Babylock Ellageo Plus which is a computerized embroider and sewing machine and has a touch screen which makes embroidering super quick and easy. I also have the Babylock Evolution which is an eight-thread serger does a whole lot of sewing for me. I really have to say, I could not live without these two! Babylock has to be my favorite brand out of all the available companies. They are the most user friendly and made to last. I was told at my level of sewing I was more suited to move up to the Berninas but I can’t bear to make the switch!

Q- What machine do you recommend me to sew on?
A- This is a broad, easily debatable topic so stay tuned for a full, lengthy post on that! However for some quick info, I started sewing on the Babylock Grace (now discontinued and called Rachel). It’s the perfect beginner machine, with a speed control, drop in bobbin, and plenty of stitches to grow into. Then I did a trade-in at my local dealer (the lovely Eddie’s Quilting Bee) and upgraded the Elizabeth, also by Babylock. This is the standard, mid range sewing machine that is suitable for all levels. It’s affordable too and can do so many stitches including monograms! Again, Babylock is my favorite brand in contrast to all the available ones since it’s the most user friendly. Also, I highly recommend you go buy from a dealer instead of a chain store like Walmart and Joann’s. A dealer usually includes some free, know how classes, ability to trade in/upgrade, a place to go ask questions and fix parts, and the guaranteed warranty.  If you had no clue what I just said, look out for a full on descriptive post with more details!

For all the other unanswered questions, feel free to contact me!