Grey Skater with Plaid

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Dress- Self-made; Coat- Macy’s; Flannel- Arizona Co.; Necklace- Forever 21; Knee-socks– Forever 21; Booties– Forever 21

Happy Sunday!

This dress that I’m wearing today has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Maybe because I made it, or maybe it’s because of how simple yet versatile it is. It’s a dark heathered grey skater dress with long sleeves and a flared skirt. I used a medium weight knit that has a good drape and soft touch. The back has criss-cross straps which adds a more edgier touch to this dress. I actually completed it a while ago, but never got around to photographing it. It was pretty simple to make, 2 hours at most.

IMG_9088 IMG_9088


Going with the layering theme for fall, I put on a flannel over the dress to add some color and interest. If you know me, you know that my entire wardrobe is black, white, grey, and blue. I didn’t want this entire look to be grey and black so there goes the red.

Now that it’s chillier than I had planned for this post to be (and the pictures were shot in Vancouver, where it was below freezing), I wore this classic babydoll style coat. It was on sale, pretty inexpensive and also really cute. Forever 21 has some pretty similar coats for cheap as well. Because of the freezing weather, I also wore some thigh-high socks with some detailing that were scrunched down to create faux-legwarmers and finished off with basic black combat boots. You could add a scarf if needed for more warmth, but I just forgot to bring mine for the shoot.

IMG_9104 IMG_9129

And yes, if you’re wondering, there are airplanes photo-bombing my photos. Quite many, if you ask me. We were at the “walkway” or ramp or “sightseeing” place that supposedly is great if you want to watch airplanes land/take off. I guess that explains why.

PS: It’s almost Thanksgiving! I’m so excited, but I still have “school” until Thursday. Black Friday is this friday, and if you always have a hard time shopping on that day, be sure to check back here tomorrow for some invaluable tips! ;)

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