Heart-dotted Tired Dress

heart-dotted tired dress




Dress- Self Made

(psssssshhhhhhh I have the worst facial expressions….just saying)

Yes, I made the dress. These photos were taken so long ago but again, I’m traveling so I’ll have to use these. The dress itself is made from a light cotton/poly jersey and from only a yard of that stuff. Which means this dress cost $6. Score! There’s an empire waist with an elastic band and 3 tires for the skirt. Pretty simple but great for summer days.

I’m trying to post regularly now. And I mean it. I’m trying 2 posts per week, one being fashion/teenager related and the other a DIY. Mostly posting posts that have a meaning and are useful to you guys and not just some random article that I pieced together. I really want to grow my blog and readership and this is one way to do it. Anyhow, thanks to everyone who reads and shares! Love ya all,