Links I’m Loving (#1)

links I'm loving #1

In this new series I’m starting, I’ll be sharing my favorite reads across the internet for the week and spreading love to fellow bloggers. :) Here are some that I’ve been enjoying recently. Hope you all are having a lovely day!

THIS is the ultimate guide to an Instagram-worthy Cali road trip.

For all makeup newbies who need a little help selecting your base makeup, here’s a great post on the different kinds of coverage and product recommendations.

Annabelle’s photography and jewelry are stunning as always.

A lovely heart-shaped hairstyle to try on your next special occasion.

Craving something healthy but yummy for breakfast? Here’s your classic french-toast recipe reinvented.

Switch up your jeans and look by layering denim on denim.

An up-coming trend for the fall and a piece that feels like a blanket but looks super chic.

This pretty pastel colored artwork is the perfect DIY for your lazy Sunday afternoon.

How to get beachy, messy waves for short hair, steps for no-heat and heat!



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