Music Festival Necessities + Tips!

cochella concert band night

Now that it’s mid-spring and nearly summer, time for music festivals and Cochella which is right around the corner. Although I haven’t experienced Cochella myself, I’ve heard plenty about it and have gone to similar events before. I absolutely love the effortless, laid-back, chill vibe and the boho style of clothing.

Tip #1

There’s a lot more to festivals that what you see on Instagram with girls and their cute get-ups. Try not to overdress; too many accessories will just get in your way. Make sure everything you wear is very dance-able, no crazy hats or necklaces flopping around.

Tip #2

Have a plan throughout the day. Know which artists you want to listen to and when they’re going to be playing. Cochella has an app which can be super helpful navigating your way from point A to point B without having to carry an actual map and it has all the times and info you need.

Tip #3

Bring only the necessities and be prepared. Your feet will get stepped on a million times, you and your friends will lose each other, you will be swimming in a pool of sweat, and it’s hella hot. Don’t get to caught up in what you’re wearing, the fashion and pictures are only part of it; after all, they’re festivals created to enjoy the music. It’s really a ton of fun, just not as clean or organized as many people expect.

Below I’ve gathered a basic list of items I suggest bringing if you are attending a festival this year.
music festival necessities

Backpack— Use a small, compact backpack to carry around your essentials for the day.

Sunglasses— A no-brainer. Bring a cheap pair from F21 instead of Ray-Bans because there’s a good chance of them being broken.

Comfortable Shoes— If anything, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear shoes with open toes. I’m talking about sandles. A nice pair of sneakers will be your best bet, cheap ones preferably. They’ll get ruined, dirty, and stepped on and you’ll be walking in them the whole day, so make sure they’re comfortable.

A Bandana— Use this to cover your nose/face during a sandstorm (breathing in sand will mess up your lungs). It also makes a cute accessory tied around your head or around your bag.

Light Coverup— A light sweater or flannel will be nice to have with you when it’s nightime to keep you warm or to protect your skin when a sandstorm hits (literally sand hitting your skin).

Hand Sanitizer— A sink to wash your hand won’t always be available, so hand sanitizer is your best bet.

Oil Blotting Sheets— Wipe off all the sweat with these sheets without ruining your makeup.

Flash Tattoos— Metallic temporary tattoos that are a great alternative to jewlery. These were so overused last year but are still in style.

Portable Phone Charger— Since there’s no wifi, your phone will be constantly searching for reception which drains the battery in a flash. Bring a portable charger so you’re not stuck with a dead phone in the middle of the day.

Water— When you’re in the desert, water is essential. Different festivals have different rules about bringing a pre-filled water bottle, but regardless, bring a few extra empty plastic water bottles. When you find a water stand/fountain, fill them all at once. That way you will have a few extra bottles of water in your bag without worrying about finding water for a while. Once you’re done with a bottle, you can smash the bottle to save space and un-smash them when you’re ready to fill them up again.




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