My Life in Numbers: 2014 Edition

my life in numbers

(grabbing something from my instagram for visual entertainment)

I really felt the wanting to blog today but really can’t get my head straight so I thought I’d share something a little more simple and personal.

So here it is, my life in numbers:


0- How many jobs I’ve had :)

1- How many siblings I have.

2- How many sewing machines I currently have.

3- How many countries I’ve been to.

6- About how many times I say “I love you” to my mom each day. :)

7- How many hours a day I spend doing something craft related.

9- My favorite number.

12- How old I am.

17- Number of tabs open on my browser (yeah it’s a lot).

19- Posts on this blog (including this one).

23- Number of states I’ve been to.

42- How many times I daydream each day.

35- Things on my Pinterest bucket list.

41- Number of pictures on Instagram.

100- Reasons why I should be more organized.

301- Number of tweets.

4501- How many things I’ve pinned.

4792- Number of pages views as of now (yay!).

304,124- Yards of fabric I currently have (this is an really rough estimation).

819,231,820,948,012,481- Things I have to do.


Also, I really wanted address something about my blog. It really isn’t a fashion blog, more of a lifestyle one since I don’t just post about fashion. I do want to start doing more outfit posts but I’ll still be talking about this and that. Well yeah, I should really go and do those 819,231,820,948,012,481 things.





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