DIY Bauble Statement Necklace

I’m pretty basic when it comes to what I wear, even though I do love clothes and fashion. A typical outfit will just be a t-shirt, some jeans, converse, and I’m out the door. For events that are just a touch dressier or if I feel like being fancy that day, I’ll wear the same thing with a statement necklace. It instantly dresses the outfit up and makes you look much more put-together.  I also love statement necklaces with party dresses and with anything really.

Today I’ll be showing you how I made this crystal bauble statement necklace. They’re really easy and cheap to make, so it’s perfect for gifts or one of those DIYs where you just can’t make enough of. I made mine with some pretty sapphire and clear glass beads but with chains that have a semi-rusty feel. I think it’s the perfect combination of modern and old-school. Ready to make one for yourself?

PS: This is a collab with my friend Belinda @obsessionsandstuff on Instagram. She has a pretty cool and fun feed so check her out! :)

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t sponsored. Also, this idea has been floating around the internet for a while now, and I don’t claim to have thought of the original idea. Thanks for reading! ♡

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace with easy step-by-step instructions and photos!

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace with easy step-by-step instructions and photos!


Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 1 supplies

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 2 beads

Couple of pointers before we start:
– These beads are made out of glass and are from Jo-ann’s in the pre-strung beads section under the brand “Blue Moon Beads”. Regularly priced, they’re pretty expensive but they were on sale for 50% so they weren’t too bad. I used 3 strands, two in clear and one in sapphire. Because they are glass, if you pick at them with the pliers or accidentally drop them on a hard surface (any table!), they will start to chip off and pieces of glass will fly everywhere. So be careful!
– The holes on the beads are fairly large so the headpins just slid through instead of acting as a stopper. I didn’t find out until I tried the necklace on and beads starting to fall off. I solved this problem by just putting two headpins through the bead and creating two loops and threaded both through the jump ring. For a visual demonstration, look carefully at the pictures at the end. If you have any larger beads, try this method.
– The headpins I got were a pain to work with and required a lot of pinching and my fingers were scraped raw by the time I was finished with the necklace. The wire is extremely stiff, un-bendable, un-cuttable, and requires a lot of manipulating by hand. With the pliers making the loop, the base (where the hole is) of the beads kept on getting chipped and again, glass went flying. Probably why it took me so long. They’re from “Blue Moon Beads” if you’re wondering.
– Make sure the chain you use is sturdy and can hold the finish bauble, which can get pretty heavy. Toggle clasps are easier to find in larger sizes for projects like these, unlike lobster claws which come in smaller sizes.


1. Making the Charms

Thread a headpin through the hole of a bead. Using your pliers, make a loop on the end of the headpin without the stopper. Repeat to all of the beads until each has a loop.
DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 3 making the charms

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 4 finished charms


2. Making the Clusters

Open a jump ring and thread 3 “charms” on. Close the jump ring to create the first cluster of 3.
DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 5 creating 1st cluster

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 6 finished cluster of 3

Open another jump ring and thread on 2 charms. Then add the cluster of 3 you just made, creating a cluster of 5. Close the jump ring. Repeat this step until all of the charms are in clusters of 5.

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 7 cluster of 5

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 8 finished cluster of 5

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 9 all clusters of 5


3. Joining the Clusters

To join the clusters together, open a jump ring and thread a cluster of 5 on. Add another cluster of 5, adding up to be a cluster of 10. Close the jump ring and make sure it’s secure. It should look like a little ball at this point.
DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 10 joining clusters

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 11 joined clusters

Continue this process: opening a jump ring, adding the large cluster (the one with 10 charms or the one with a bunch already attached together), adding a separate cluster (of  5), and closing the jump ring until the desired length.

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 12 continue joining clusters


4. Finishing Touches

Cut two pieces of chain. Mine were about 7″ long. Open a large jump ring, attach it to one end of the chain and one end of the bauble. I suggest using a couple jump rings for extra strength and security.
DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 13 chains

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 14 attaching chains

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 15 attached ends

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖  16 attached babule

Attach the toggle clasps the same way, using a couple jump rings as well.

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 17 clasp

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 18 finished necklace

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 20 finished bauble

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace ‖ 19

DIY Bauble Statement Necklace closeup 3


And that’s all there’s to it! They’re really easy to customize just by changing the beads and findings. If you do try this out, be sure to send me pictures! Also leave a comment below telling me what DIY you’d like to see next!

Happy Wednesday!




What I Did Right in 2014 + 2015 New Year Resolutions

Since it is the end of 2014, I thought I’d take some time reflect on myself and what I did this year. This post isn’t sarcastic at all (unlike my other posts); it’s quite deep and it’s meant to be taken seriously. I took the time to collect my thoughts and really think about who I am. It’s everything I’ve got in my heart and more. If that’s not your cup of tea, then look forward to the posts following after this which are much more fun and less personal. With that being said, this is what I did right (trying to stay positive here) this year and my goals for 2015.


image via

– I started a blog.
– I started homeschooling.
– I approached a publisher and got a book deal (I’M WRITING/ GETTING MY BOOK PUBLISHED)
– I read more than ever and kept on learning when possible.
– I wasn’t afraid to try new things and frequently went outside of my comfort zone.
– I saw the world with my own eyes and realized what it really had to offer.
– I got out of my trance of “I’m still a kid”.
– I learned to accept myself for who I am.
– I figured out what I’m going to do with my life and how to move forward.

Looking Forward to 2015 (Ha! See what I did there? Looking forward as in “moving forward” but then I’m also excited for 2015? No? Ok, nevermind.)

– Become more down to earth; selflessness.
– Set reasonable goals.
– Interact with others more.
– Help others and be more charismatic.
– Stick to my gut.
– Put school as my priority.
– Let go of the little things and move on.
– Be more productive.
– Appreciate what I already have.
– Worry less and enjoy more.
– Be a better person in general.

 Specific Goals
– Continue blogging with a plan, most likely 2-4 posts per week, including an outfit post.
– Re-brand this blog.
– Build a community and start accepting contributors/ guest posts.
– Learn to take my own outfit photos.
– Build a serious portfolio.
– Prepare my book for publication.
– Submit my writing to different blogs and magazines.
– Write the fictional novel I’ve been dying to write.
– Forget about the little things and move on.
– Exercise more (cliché but I’m horrible at this) and maybe pick up a sport.
– Drink more water.
– Go to sleep early.
– Learn to use my planners properly and stop doodling in them.
– Draw and paint more, but not in my planners.
– Build my following around the web. I currently average around 100 on all platforms, but would love to be at at least an average of 100,000 by the end of 2015. Talk about numbers, I know (aaaaaaaand we’re back with the sarcasm and jokes).

I think that’s all I have for today. Take the time to reflect on yourself and your actions this past year. What did you do right? What could have you done to make the year better? What are your plans for 2015?




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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $25!

With Christmas right around the corner comes receiving gifts and giving them in return. If you haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet and are on a budget (aka procrastinating like me), I’ve gathered a bunch of gift items/ideas from stores around the web that are all under $25. They’re great gifts to give by themselves, bundled together, or as an addition to a larger gift. These are all gifts that I would gladly receive myself, so I’m sure whoever you’re giving it to will be as happy as I am. Let’s get started!

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(I own #5 and absolutely LOVE it!)

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Gifts Under $25!

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(#6 is a scrub, wash, and cream. It looks funny, I know.)

Holiday Gift Guide: Decor and Tech Gifts Under $25!

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And lastly, the following two items are a little over $25, but I would love to be gifted either one and both are beautiful, so if you can afford the splurge, I say go for it! <3

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