Fall 2014 Inspiration

Quick post for today: I thought I’d share some fall inspiration, although I’ll admit, it is still 80 degrees here in California. I’m also planning a fall bucket list and fall favorites in the next week or so. *Sigh* I’m just so ready for chunky sweaters and hot chocolate and boots while the sun still insists on showing up (you would have known this already if you follow me on Twitter, shameless promo). Not that I’m complaining, good weather means I have more opportunities to take photos which leads to more blog posts :) Also be on the look out for a new DIY post; I haven’t posted one in a while but my last one got over 400 pins on Pinterest! Thank you all for your support. Now on with the pretty pictures!

above two via



Happy Monday!




Semi Casual….. I Guess?




Top- my mom’s closet lol; Shorts- self-made; Necklace- vintage; Bag- Target; Shoes- Converse

Happy Monday to people of the world. :) Jk, Monday’s are the worst. I couldn’t quite decide what to call this post, hence the awkward title. Blame it on the lack of sleep, even though I sleep quite a lot. Anyhow, the shorts are made by me and are really just a knock-off of the ones from Brandy. These cost me $6 and an hour at most, compared to $15-$30. They’re made out of a poly-rayon challis (“flowy fabric” for those non-sewing speakers), with an elastic waistband which means they’re super comfortable.

I put on a button up shirt from my mom so that I don’t look like I’m wearing PJs. I’ve been trying really hard to rock the whole joggers and “I feel like I’m wearing PJs but not really” with shirt dresses and all but so far no luck. I’m more of a jeans and tee kind of girl, so flowy shorts are the closest that I’ve gotten.



Btw, I laughed my head off when I realized I looked really tan in these photos. It seemed really funny to me since I’m actually quite pale in real life. Who knows? The camera has its ways……




My Life in Numbers: 2014 Edition

my life in numbers

(grabbing something from my instagram for visual entertainment)

I really felt the wanting to blog today but really can’t get my head straight so I thought I’d share something a little more simple and personal.

So here it is, my life in numbers:


0- How many jobs I’ve had :)

1- How many siblings I have.

2- How many sewing machines I currently have.

3- How many countries I’ve been to.

6- About how many times I say “I love you” to my mom each day. :)

7- How many hours a day I spend doing something craft related.

9- My favorite number.

12- How old I am.

17- Number of tabs open on my browser (yeah it’s a lot).

19- Posts on this blog (including this one).

23- Number of states I’ve been to.

42- How many times I daydream each day.

35- Things on my Pinterest bucket list.

41- Number of pictures on Instagram.

100- Reasons why I should be more organized.

301- Number of tweets.

4501- How many things I’ve pinned.

4792- Number of pages views as of now (yay!).

304,124- Yards of fabric I currently have (this is an really rough estimation).

819,231,820,948,012,481- Things I have to do.


Also, I really wanted address something about my blog. It really isn’t a fashion blog, more of a lifestyle one since I don’t just post about fashion. I do want to start doing more outfit posts but I’ll still be talking about this and that. Well yeah, I should really go and do those 819,231,820,948,012,481 things.