CHIA FRESCA- a hint of lemon and texture


Eating healthier has been one of my main goals this past year and by eating, I mean drinking too. Long gone are my soda days and now I’m relying on fruit smoothies and trying out weird-crazy-healthy-i-don’t-really-know-what-madness-this-is recipies from health blogs since I’m not a fan of plain old water. With that being said, lemons and texture-y drinks are my favorites so this recipe I’m sharing today has the best of everything.

Chia Fresca is a natural, supposedly energy boosting drink consisting of water, chia seeds, and lemon juice. It’s been very popular in Central America and Mexico over the years and is very hydrating. I should warn you though, this is one of those drinks you get stares from strangers when you take it out with you. Not in a bad way of course, but I originally thought these look like ants. Have I scared you away yet? Anyhow, I absolutely love the taste and texture of this drink, just a hint of lemon and gel like seeds. It’s so refreshing, you’ll have to try it out for yourself! :) Here’s the recipe:

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Carmel by the Sea

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledAs promised, here are the photos I took in Carmel, formally “Carmel by the Sea,” a couple weeks ago. This is probably my favorite shoot ever yet, and the long drive was worth a single photo, let alone so many!

The water was so pretty and clear, weather slightly warm and really nice. The city itself is so cute with all the little shops and beaches. We usually visit its neighbor “Pebble Beach,” otherwise known as the 17 Mile Drive but who knew a gem was right next door! Honestly, I can not say enough about how beautiful the scenery was.

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DIY Off-the-Shoulder Top

DIY Knit Off the Shoulder TopDIY Knit Off the Shoulder TopDIY Knit Off the Shoulder Top

I know I just posted a DIY off the shoulder top a couple weeks ago but I just can’t get enough of this style of top and how good they look on any body type. Not to mention, how easy they are to make too! This one is a little different than my last tutorial; it’s made in a stretchy/knit fabric and doesn’t have a a contrasting trim. That means you can make this version in a bunch of different colors or prints and they’ll all look amazing and different. Ready to get started?

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