Reinventing Your Wardrobe Part 1: Why You Have Nothing to Wear

Here’s a little project that I’ve been working on lately…..

Ever wonder why you have nothing to wear? Here are 6 top reasons why! |LoveSpunk|LoveSpunk

I’m starting a series called “Reinventing Your Wardrobe.” This is a 6 (or 7) part series dedicated to helping you reinvent your closet, develop your own style, and building a solid wardrobe of clothes that fit your style. I’m not saying I’m an expert on anything of these topics, but I thought I’d share what I’ve learned to you guys to help you dress with more confidence and find out what works and what doesn’t. In the end, I hope you all have created what is a close resemblance to your “dream wardrobe” and are able to wake up everyday knowing exactly what to wear and feel good in what you’re wearing.

The posts will be spread over the rest of this month (November) and next month and they’ll feature short, quick, and easy tips/solutions. If there’s any specific topic you’d like me to cover, just leave that in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them; I’m still working out the details and am open to any suggestions. Meanwhile, this is what I’ve got planned:

– Why you have nothing to wear
– Cleaning out your closet
– Colors for you
– Dress for your body type
– Developing your fashion sense and style
– Tips for shopping on a budget
– Organization and making your wardrobe your own

Today’s post: Why you have nothing to wear. This is a HUGE problem for a lot of us so here are the top reasons to why. Let’s get started.

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1. Buying Stuff Because It’s on Sale

Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you buy it. This is called impulse buying. Unless you really need it, you shouldn’t be buying anything from the sale or clearance section. I, myself, sometimes feel the sudden need for certain pieces once I see they’re on sale. Not a good solution to a lacking wardrobe; you’ll only end up with a bunch of clothes that you were tricked into buying because they were “a good deal” instead of what you really needed.


2. Buying Trendy Pieces

Trends come and go, so one reason you have nothing to wear is that your current clothes are “soooo last season.” What was “hot” last year is now considered tacky. Tip: buy classic/timeless pieces if you’re on a budget or just starting to build your wardrobe. That way, you’ll always have some basics to build your outfits around. I’m not saying to ditch what’s in right now; after all, that is what fashion is about. Just be aware of what you’re getting and errrr on the safe side.


3. It Looked Good on the Rack

That dress looked super cute on the maniquin, but when you tried it on, it didn’t look nearly as good. If it doesn’t look good, it wasn’t meant for you. Buying it will just result in everytime you reach for something to wear, make you think of how good it looked on the rack and how it doesn’t look that good on you.


4. You Plan to “Grow” Into It, or “Shrink” to Wear It

I’m guilty of always buying clothes a size larger so that I can still wear them next year. While this works in some cases, it’s not always practical. Think of it this way: if you buy your current size and love the piece enough to wear it constantly this season, you’ve already got your money’s worth. But if you buy a size larger, it won’t fit you as well and therefore, you won’t wear it as often. Then when next year rolls around, you probably won’t love it as much, so even though it may fit you well, it’s no longer fitting for your style. See what I mean? Same goes for buying clothes a size smaller and planning to “get fit” in order to wear them. Nope, it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t fit you right now, don’t buy it.


5. No Longer Fits Your Body or Your Style

Similar to #4, your clothes no longer fit you because you’ve outgrown them or have gained some weight. Items are just too tight or too loose in areas. Or you’ve changed your style and this piece just doesn’t fall under that category. You don’t ever reach for these pieces because they just don’t look good. Another reason why you have “nothing to wear.”


6. Peer Pressured Into Buying It

This may sound a little ridiculous but happens more often than you think. When you go shopping with your friends, how many times has someone told you “omg, that shirt looks so cute on you” or “that skirt is really pretty, you should buy it”? Your were pressured into buying an item because someone else told you to, even though you didn’t really like how the item fit your style or body. Exactly why I don’t suggest going to the mall with your friends if you actually need to shop.


Solution to all these problems: Out with the old, in with the new! In part 2 of the series, “Cleaning Out Your Closet”, I’ll give tips on what to get rid of and what to do with the clothes you no longer wear.

Be sure to check back here to read the next part in the series and I hoped you enjoyed! :)