Styling Overalls


Overalls are kinda the perfect layering piece for fall. You can dress them up or down, add a coat on top, wear a tank underneath, choose between sneakers or booties, and so much more. Today I’ll be giving you some tips on styling them casually for early fall. Here are some key tricks to pulling off overalls:

1. Pick the Right Pair

Medium to dark washes are flattering on most body types and non-distressed overalls can make you look more polished.

2. Choose a Layering Piece

A fitted tshirt, long sleeve or short works great under overalls. Another option would be a fitted white blouse for a more mature look.

3. Add on the Accessories

To avoid looking like a toddler, make your shoes and jewelry count! Choose shoes with a slight heel like the booties I have here for a slimming effect. Then choose a few layering jewelry pieces such as stacked necklaces and rings. If you try your hand at styling overalls, be sure to tweet me a picture or tag me on Instagram! Good luck!


(here’s a selfie since I’m always wearing sunglasses in photos. you know how with most bloggers there’s just that one thing that you recognize them by? where you look at a picture and you can instantly recognize who’s photo that is? like a certain pair of sunglasses or a style of picture or a certain filter on the photo? yeah, I think theses sunglasses are going to be that “one thing” for me. and selfie because why not? ;)

What I’m Wearing:

Overalls- PacSun HERE
Tee- Urban Outfitters HERE
Booties- American Rage (similar)
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters HERE (in a different color)
Leather sunglasses case- DIY HERE
Jewelry- Forever 21 and Tilly’s