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Summer 2015 Beauty Favorites


Below are some of my beauty favorites during this summer. I’ve been doing a lot a traveling lately so I’m keeping the products I use to a minimum, but for back-to-school, I’m excited to try out new cosmetics and share my thoughts with you guys. As for now, these are the products I use on a everyday basis and usually the only makeup I wear during hotter days.

Pantene Pro-V Blowout Extend Dry Shampoo ($5)

I bought this to bring on a 1 month vacation because my favorite dry shampoo (NYM Clean Freak) was too big but my mini Psssst one (I can never remember how many “S”s there are) wouldn’t be enough to last me 30 days. I randomly decided to pick this up at Target without doing my research prior to purchasing and I’m so glad I didn’t. Everyone seems to hate this but I love it so much. It absorbs oil so well and even with my everyday-waves, this refreshes my hair without ruining any styling I did the day before. The “con” would be that the formula is slightly on the heavier side and is why it has bad reviews (and for others the nozzle doesn’t always work; mine has been working perfectly though). I can only feel the heavyness slightly at the roots, not throughout the rest of my hair so I’m still pretty happy with this dry shampoo.

Burts Bees Lip Balm in Honey ($3.29)

With lip balms, I like the wax based type where the balm is really thick and it sort of melts when it comes in touch with the heat coming from your lips. I feel like they last longer compared to the glossy balms. This is my holy-grail Chapstick and the smell is amazing.

EOS Lip Balm in Mint ($3.50)

Another favorite lip balm of mine this season. It gives off a tingling sensation which I find really nice.

L’oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Black ($8)

I have tiny, stick down-pointing lashes so it’s really hard to find a way to make my eyelashes visible. Visible in-person I mean; I don’t think they’ll ever be visible in photos. :( I’ve got a whole routine on how I take care of lashes (lol) but this mascara is a product I use that has been great for achieving natural looking lashes.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in “Expresso” ($7)

With makeup, I like what I wear on a daily basis to be as fast as possible to apply. Instead of drawing on my eyebrows (which takes tons of time to get them just right and is very prone to overdrawing), I run this “brow mascara” by NYX over my eyebrows and they stay in place all day. I already pretty thick eyebrows so this just fills the sparse areas and adds color. My only complaint is that the brush is a little large, therefore making it hard to be precise.

What are your beauty favorites for summer?



Fall Favorites ☂

Fall Favs

Today I’m playing the role of beauty guru and showing you my “fall favorites.” Keep in mind that I live in California, so we don’t really have a “fall” or winter, really. So if you live somewhere colder, these things may not apply to you. But if so, tell me what some of your favorites for fall are in the comments below!

 DISCLAIMER: Photo used in the graphic background above and the “music” section below is by Is a Belle and is protected under Creative Commons. I do not own the original photo, and changes were made to it. Images in the the “clothing” and “misc” section are all from Tumblr and Pinterest and I do not own those as well. However, the ones from the “beauty” section are by me.  Also, although this post isn’t sponsored, affiliate links are used, which means at no additional cost to you, I will be compensated with a very small commission if an item is purchased through my link. All proceeds will be used toward this blog, keeping it updated and covering the cost of materials and such.  I only recommend products that I think are worth the money, and will never link to products I do not use or cannot justify for. Thanks for reading! ♡



Bomber jackets, cardigans, sweaters, knee-highs, flannels, anything layered, beanies, and black booties.



fall favorites 2014- hair favs fall favorites 2014- beauty favs

Psssst! Dry Shampoo– Since I don’t wash my hair everyday, this product is a must for me. Dry shampoo is really just shampoo that is dry, so you spray it in your hair for freshly washed looking hair without having to actually use shampoo or even water. This one is my favorite because it’s cheap yet works really well absorbing the oils in my hair. It also adds a lot of texture which I really like. The smell isn’t the sweetest scent, but I find that it usually goes away within minutes. A must try for anyone who doesn’t washes their hair daily!

Satinique Overnight Treatment– I use this to prevent split ends and also to fix them. It works like magic, is like a leave-in conditioner, and also smells AMAZING. Even though it’s a “overnight” thing, I like to put this in my hair when I wake up in the morning. I do heatless beachy waves daily (aka sleeping in a bun), and the ends are usually very scuffed, so I’ve been really liking this product.

F21 Nail Polish in “Rose Petal”– What I love about the F21 nail polishes is that they’re cheap and come in a bunch of colors. This one is in a nude-ish pink color, and while it’s not exactly a fall color, it is really pretty.

fall favorites 2014- sparking wine lip liner fall favorites 2014- nuance lip color

Artistry Lip Liner in “Nuance” and “Sparkling Wine“- Since it’s fall, mauve and darker lip colors have been my favorite. I like using liners because they gives me more control and I can dupe Kylie Jenner’s look by over drawing a little (sorry if that sounds gross). The darker color has a brush at the end for blending out the color which is really handy.

fall favorites 2014- dream lumi concealer fall favorites 2014- artistry mascara

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer– My everyday concealer. A lot of people don’t like how the twist tube works on this, but I really like it. You twist it and the product will come out of the brush and you can just use that to apply it onto your face. I use this for highlighting as well. My shade is in “Nude”.

Artistry Mascara- I’m not quite sure why I put this in here, since it’s discontinued and I don’t even know what it’s called. However, this is the mascara I use when I take photos and my go-to mascara. Even though it doesn’t claim to be, it’s waterproof in my case in which I’ve taken a shower with this on and there wasn’t a single smudge. No clumps either, and makes my eyelashes look amazing. If I find something similar or this exact one comes out again, I’ll let you guys know!

Body Blends Chapstick in Pink Blush- I believe this is discontinued as well. It’s my  current favorite chapstick though, very moisturizing with just a touch of color and a tingling mint feel and smell.



Fall Music

 To see a complete list of what I’m listening to, visit my Spotify!


Vinted– Recently discoreved this app and am so glad I did. It’s an online market place for only girls to sell their old clothes and accessories. I’ve already done the research for you and have come to the conclusion that Vinted is the one who takes the least percentage of your money (Poshmark takes more). I’ve been using Vinted to sell last season’s or outgrown items. If you use THIS link, you’ll get a free $5 credit to spend there! It’s really user friendly, so check that out if you have time!

Spotify– Music player, like iTunes but you can listen to all of your favorite songs for free. It doesn’t get better than that. If you’re like me, you buy a song on iTunes, listen to it 4 times, and then start hating it and wonder why in the world you even bought the song. Spotify prevents that. There are also “radios” and you can browse pre-made playlists. Be sure to follow me there!

Stylebook– I haven’t started using this app yet, but I really like the concept. You catalog your wardrobe into this app, and then you’ll be able to see all of the clothing items you own and can also make outfits using the pieces you have. It’s like your personal online wardrobe catalog, almost. The only con is that you have to take pictures of each item you own in order to get it into the app, but I’m sure it’s worth it!


Apple cider and hot chocolate. Do I really need to explain this? I mean, just look at the pictures….

Happy Sunday!