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Tips on Dressing Effortlessly


I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the “model-off-duty” look. You know what I’m talking about: boyfriend jeans, white tee, minimal but glowy makeup, effortless but put together, and all that? That would be my dream style in a nutshell. People these days are overthinking fashion and personal style which can make that effortless look harder to achieve. So without ado, here are some tips to help you look like a model, off-duty. :)

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Music Festival Necessities + Tips!

cochella concert band night

Now that it’s mid-spring and nearly summer, time for music festivals and Cochella which is right around the corner. Although I haven’t experienced Cochella myself, I’ve heard plenty about it and have gone to similar events before. I absolutely love the effortless, laid-back, chill vibe and the boho style of clothing.

Tip #1

There’s a lot more to festivals that what you see on Instagram with girls and their cute get-ups. Try not to overdress; too many accessories will just get in your way. Make sure everything you wear is very dance-able, no crazy hats or necklaces flopping around.

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