Mismatched Style

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embroidered tee close up


Top- Self Made   Skirt- Self Made

I am so late on this trend (it’s already August!) but maxi skirts are so comfortable and great for the summer. This one that I made has a contrasting front, sorta forming chevrons but not quite. I cut the left half the wrong direction but oh well, I actually like it mismatched. It adds something unique to an otherwise normal maxi. The fabric is a rayon-poly blend knit, which makes it so easy to lounge and walk around in.


The top is edgier than the skirt. I made the shirt base from a rayon knit a long time ago but thought it was time to spice up a plain black tee. Therefore, I embroidered small charms allover and then added some wonky stitching to create a multi-chained “necklace”. I think that the stitching and unhemed hems (is there such thing?) gives it more of a distressed feel.


It’s long weekend here where I’m vacationing at (the above gif sums up how I feel) but I honestly have no clue on what holiday it is. Nevertheless, where ever you are in the world, I wish you a happy weekend, or Sunday in that matter.

Love ya all,